Mobile marketing for B2B customers on the move

We all recognise how mobile technology is transforming our personal and business lives, and many of us readily admit we are now extremely reliant on accessing information, messages and being able to communicate on the move. So how is this affecting the way we should be reaching out to our B2B customers?

The opportunity of addressing prospects and customers through mobile technology certainly can’t be ignored by B2B marketers. Getting your application and content right for this channel will pay dividends for many targets who are mobile literate and are looking to engage with you on the move.

In some business sectors, such as construction, it is becoming increasingly apparent that B2B communications via digital media and accessible through mobile are preferred to traditional routes. Maybe this is because many of the users of the information are either on-site or on-the-move rather than heavily desk based?

How are your customers’ behaviours and information needs changing? Is their buying journey different today than it was a few years ago? We all change how we do things incrementally and then expect the businesses we buy from to keep up, or even excite us by being a step ahead.

Although only 10% of all ecommerce is done via mobile globally the desire to engage with brands via mobile technology will continue to increase. It’s worth paying attention to how this can help you move your prospects down the sales funnel as a well-planned mobile strategy is now an essential part of the mix in gaining and retaining brand loyalty and achieving conversion from interest to custom.

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