Sowing the seeds of success

Developing any product or service takes hard work, not to mention money. So you’ll want to do all you can to properly plan your launch and give it the best chance of success. There are a number of questions you need to answer.

  • 1. What problem does this resolve?
    This is core to your messaging and will help you define your audience around those who need this issue resolved. Ideally you’ll test this with focus groups before your B2B product launch then tweak your messaging to make it more persuasive.
  • 2. What sets your product or service apart?
    Be realistic and check out the competition – most launches are not entirely revolutionary. If you can find a unique positioning that’s great, otherwise make sure you’re more compelling, creative and clear in communicating your advantages.
  • 3. Is everyone clear about your message?
    Once you’ve a clear narrative, make sure the wider team is fully briefed and can reinforce the message at every touch point. A B2B product launch is also a great time to celebrate your team’s brilliance and build internal motivation.
  • 4. How will you promote the launch?
    Plan your communications well in advance – from selecting channels to developing collateral, presentations and assets that influence belief and engagement. You also need a process in place to follow leads through to conversion.
  • 5. What does success look like?
    It’s likely to take a variety of forms, from anectodal comments from journalists and early trialists, to web traffic indicators and reposts on social media – plus of course sales.
Product launch

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