The time is ripe

We have run many B2B influencer marketing campaigns for a number of clients. Now is the time to act.

B2B brands can leverage independent influencers to enhance brand perception, thought leadership, speaking and testing at events, and to launch new products (to name just a few).

Influencers share their expertise in an authentic way across social channels, webinars, webchats, podcasts and online tutorials. Often, because their content is regularly shared, they have links with well-respected industry websites and trade press.

If your products and services are featured by influencers you too can quickly gain recognition and interest. The authenticity of influencer marketing, which is essentially third party endorsement, can be incredibly powerful.

Influencer Marketing

The right partners matter

The influencers you team up with makes a real difference. Finding the right fit for you revolves around building long-term relationships between the influencer, your brand, and audience.

Naturally, the better-known an influencer already is, as an industry expert, the faster you're likely to get results as they will have a ready-made following that's already intently listening and/or watching what they do.

Be sure to consider, however, whether they're the right match for your brand. This means analysing an influencer's audience, style, messaging, values and loyalty (amongst others). Some come at a premium price – others you may look to cultivate by supporting their growth at an earlier stage. Whichever it is, the chosen influencer(s) needs to have the right personality for you and your brand – someone who shows genuine passion and can use that passion to engage an audience.

Develop your influencer programme

We'll help you research, find and build your team of influencers, manage the contractual process and – utilising our wealth of experience and expertise – execute collaborations for maximum impact. The benefits to be gained from B2B influencer marketing are significant and well-proven. It's also something we anticipate growing massively across the B2B world.

To find out more about our approach to B2B influencer marketing, read our article: Realising the value of B2B influencer marketing.

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