We work with AkzoNobel across their vehicle refinishing brands to develop their global markets.

In this instance, a new Sikkens coating, called Autoclear Aerodry was being launched for bodyshops to use, which can be dried at ambient temperatures within 45 minutes or baked dry in just five. This flexibility allows bodyshops to increase profitability either by saving heat energy or speeding up throughput.


Competitors had already launched similar products but they hadn’t capitalised on the business case for workshops, so our product launch strategy was to ensure we explained this clearly and creatively, outside of market norms using a conceptual dramatization of ‘Release profits with a more flexible workflow’ to be understood internationally.

We represented this through a swirling, magical molecular essence made up of two colour streams, indicating two temperature options, with currency symbols signifying profits being released whilst using the paint.

This asset was developed into video, launch banner ads, sales leaflets, social media teasers, merchandise, media releases etc.

It resulted in achieving double the sales than was estimated in year one.


The launch of Autoclear Aerodry was a step change for AkzoNobel and proved to be highly successful: with a smooth development process and results that far exceeded our sales targets in the first year. Using customer insights, the product benefit was clearly conveyed, making it easy for bodyshops to understand its benefits.

Jasmin Franik, Marketing Communications Specialist, AkzoNobel

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