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Press events are a great way to say “Be my valentine”

Press launches are an ideal way to build longstanding relationships between your brand and the press. So with love in the air, is it time for you to get closer to the press and enjoy all the advantages of a press event?

With so many of our clients benefitting from huge returns on investment in media briefings and press launches in the last few years, we felt Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to focus on how you can transform your relationship with the press. After all, to take full advantage of multi-channel marketing, you need to be able to access those channels with interesting content. Charming the editors and journalists to do this for you is a perfect way to supercharge your marketing communications.

Officially a great way to build relationships

Your business can reach more of your target market by investing in an official launch of new products, services and facilities. Before you decide on a press launch however, ask yourself these three vital questions:

  1. Is the theme truly newsworthy? Dragging journalists out of the office by clever persuasion to an event with zero newsworthiness is the fastest way to alienate your contact forever.
  2. Are you equipped to present? Have you been media trained? More importantly do you have the right expertise to relay your message?
  3. Have you checked the calendar to ensure there are no major clashes with other events in the same sector?

Talking directly to journalists, who are in contact with your customers and prospects, is an effective way of improving your cut-through. Communicating through their editorial and news, both online and in print, as well as through social media (SoMe) channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. With so much digital information jostling for media attention, a formal and direct delivery of your story pays dividends, both immediately and in the longer term.

In the short term you get to share your news directly, bringing the story to life through presentation material, hands-on experience and Q&A sessions. You have to admit that seeing something for yourself and being able to explore the benefits directly is far more engaging than simply receiving a ‘one size fits all’ press release. Journalists appreciate your time and investment in their experience and, with direct briefings being less common these days, it gives your business real stand-out from your competitors.

Press events also have long term benefits too, as they provide a stronger foundation for the ongoing relationship. It is the perfect opportunity to find out more about your customers and market trends. It also helps you and your agency find the best story angles and shape your content to get the response your business is looking for. Press briefings enable you and your business to make a powerful personal connection, and investment in a press launch is one of the best ways of building a strong future for media engagement with your brand.

“Many hands make light work”

Press launches and briefings to your key media are powerful ways of extending your reach, attracting new leads and acquiring and retaining customers. So when you have an opportunity to hold a press briefing and give the media an unforgettable experience of you and your brand, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

“Many hands make light work” with journalists acting as your advocates, reaching an ever widening audience by printing editorial and posting your stories online and through SoMe. Media provides a wider net to help capture new prospects and influence existing customers, driving them back to your website, your services and your products.

Helping you create the best experience

Clear B2B’s PR team is here to help you create that memorable experience: one which will cement the relationship between your business and the media.

We will do the heavy lifting for you from programme planning based on your success criteria, to content development. We will work with your team to bottom-out the event format and we will sell-in the opportunity to journalists to maximise your return on investment. Using a professional PR agency ensures you create materials and provide the support journalists look for, while also adding ‘gravitas’ to the event and your message. Using Clear B2B to help deliver a successful launch gives you the assurance you are tapping in to a team that has delivered successful press events, both here in the UK and internationally, many times over.

Do you want your prospects and customers to know about your new initiative? Then talk to Clear B2B about a press event call Jules on 0044 (0)1285 626000 or email

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Graphic demonstrating news content
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