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Delivering greater flexibility for businesses

Almost every organisation is searching for better technologies, improved management processes, advice on best practices, and new opportunities delivered by their people, suppliers and logistics.

This is because a large number of businesses are looking to reduce their organisational complexity and minimise operating costs. They are also looking to build scalable models that can provide them with added flexibility and speed of response.

Within that context, business service companies that position themselves to help organisations achieve these goals, have a ready and listening audience.

How our specialist knowledge helps

However, it’s a tough competitive environment for business service and product providers. On the one hand we understand the specific challenges and nuances of the global market. On the other, we can help multinational players understand the UK market, where the use of sub-contractors, the fluidity of workstreams and the nature of the ‘British tradesperson’ is often very different to other countries.

We can help engage your audiences by using not just rational but emotional human values that take into account different cultures and attitudes. Your own capabilities and offerings may well be different across regions or countries, and we can help you bring these together with cohesive global messaging that will still work locally and tactically.

Our global network also provides us with experience in dealing with international communications – especially where influencing face-to-face is not always possible, when multiple people are involved in the decision-making across multiple locations.

We help many business service organisations covering financial & legal; office & building supplies; facilities management; logistics & supply chain; health & safety; training & consultancy; waste & environmental support plus many others across a wide spectrum of industries and offerings.

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We work with Clients in many different ways. Some have fully formed briefs and others just share the problem. Wherever you’re at, let’s just start the conversation.

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