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A complex market with challenging conditions

Challenging market conditions continue to dominate building and construction. These range from significant skill shortages for key trades to complex project management issues such as risk, investment, multiple stakeholders, as well as the regulatory and political landscape.

Those serving or supplying the industry need to connect with a wide variety of influential professionals, ranging from architects and specifiers to facilities managers and property developers. Other providers, such as manufacturers of clothing, PPE, plant and tools also need to find new, more effective ways to directly engage with building contractors and construction companies.

How our specialist knowledge helps

On the one hand we understand the specific challenges and nuances of the global market. On the other, we can help multinational players understand the UK market, where the use of subcontractors, the fluid nature of workstreams and the nature of the ‘British tradesperson’ is often very different to other countries.

Our experience in construction marketing to the wide diversity of audiences, from architects to plumbers and everything in between, can help you engage them both rationally and emotionally. We can also help you understand the messages that are relevant to the different tiers of retailing: merchants, single purpose dealers and distributors as well as the large nationwide chains whose influence can dominate the success of your products with installers and fitters.

Over many years we have learnt how to influence the key third parties that can have a marked effect on your business, such as specifiers, contractors, distributors and users. They are all part of the complex procurement processes within this rapidly moving and competitive industry.

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