Keeping up in a fast-moving market

The automotive industry is seeing intense change.

Electrification is of course a large part of this, with McKinsey projecting EVs worldwide growing from 6.5 million to 40 million unit sales from 2021 to 2030. It will rely on overcoming significant restraints across supply chains, increased raw materials for battery production and scale-up of charging infrastructure.

Zero emission alternatives, such as hydrogen, are set to play an important role too, especially for heavy transport in the drive to net zero. Additionally, the aftermarket will be impacted by the move away from ICE, as zero emission vehicles require different skills, parts and servicing approaches.

Digitalisation as a whole, is driving massive disruption and opportunity with new entrants from wider technology and increasing revenues from services, including over-the-air software updates, mapping services and in-vehicle entertainment.

Many are redefining the industry to become ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS), combining efforts across different transport modes with some exciting developments in connected vehicles, funding approaches, shared ride services, autonomous vehicles and more.

How our specialist knowledge helps

Clear B2B has extensive experience across OEM, supply chain suppliers, fleet, aftermarket and associated organisations. This means that we understand the issues and trends in the UK, Europe and globally.

Our team delivers great ROI in all parts of the marketing mix, supporting all comms from sales materials such as brochures and promotions, to PR, digital, social media and complete campaigns. So with Clear B2B as your automotive marketing specialist, you can be confident that you’re in safe hands.

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