Proving your marketing value to sales – free starter worth £5,000

Are you feeling vexed by sales team indifference to your marketing initiatives and their underutilisation of the tools, materials and activities you develop in marketing?

And do your sales team believe that marketing aren't generating enough leads, and they're having to do too much cold calling?

If this is the case, you need greater connectivity between sales and marketing and we can help you achieve this.

The first place we start is by assessing how your organisation is perceived from the outside, versus the competitors. This is the perspective from your prospect and customer viewpoint. This external perspective is rarely examined by most organisations and it really cannot be done effectively from the inside. It has to be from an external, independent standpoint if it is to be unbiased and true to what things look like to a prospective customer.

The findings of our competitive audits always seem to contain real surprises, and when presented back to both sales and marketing, there is a monumental shift in understanding and focus on what needs to be done. This has the effect of aligning team efforts and increasing appreciation for each other’s role, working together to fill the gaps and maximise utilisation of resources.

We’re offering to get you started by doing this type of competitive audit for free. Don’t waste any time as we are able to offer only 3 this quarter. Register your interest by emailing

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