Feeding your sales team

It's likely that much of your marketing activity is geared towards B2B lead generation. Customers are self-educating and analysing comparatively, without passing over any details and are being influenced over time by strong, helpful or inspiring content. So to be the ‘go to’ organisation at their time of need, you have to have already put in considerable effort over a period of time.

To do this you need a carefully planned and ongoing programme of activity. This should include both inbound and outbound activities, featuring quality content that draws web traffic and results in more leads.

Lead generation

The temptation is to push products or services, but with B2B lead generation patience is a virtue. By building trust, credibility and brand appeal first you'll develop strong relationships that reward you in the end.

Elements like video, infographics, blogs, articles and white papers allow you to impress the market with your know-how, showing your organisation’s thought processes and the type of added value you can bring. This content can be used to keep your website fresh, improving your Google rankings, which is of course also vital to your lead generation strategy.

The choice of channels is critical and we can analyse your audiences to cherry pick the most effective. Of course social media, like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn will often play a part. But so too might YouTube, influencer partners and Facebook (which worked exceptionally well for our Bosch campaign targeting tradespeople).

We're also big fans of more traditional media, such creative-led direct mail, which can give you impressive stand out in a predominantly online world. Referral business might also have a part to play as it often leads to some quick win leads.

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