Engaging with current customers

The temptation for many businesses is to invest more and more in finding new customers. But existing customer loyalty is an even more valuable commodity – costing from four to eleven times less than acquiring a new customer.

To cultivate that loyalty you need to show customers you appreciate them. Only then will they consider repeat purchases, provide you with cross selling opportunities, and become your secret sales force in terms of brand advocacy.

Improve loyalty

Your B2B engagement marketing strategy starts with creating moments of interaction. This is where you create impact with the customer to build your brand credibility and value. This could be at existing renewal stages or through creating your own unique opportunities. For instance you could use research to predict their needs or deliver communications that provide value.

The flip side of the B2B engagement marketing coin is the influence your internal team can have. Do they help your customers feel appreciated at every touch point? Can they build relationships that reflect your company’s ethos? Carefully constructed internal comms can inspire and educate your teams to build loyalty at every opportunity.

We can explore the customer experience journey with you, finding ways to add value-building opportunities for both you and the customers.

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